Field of fire protection training of companies, bodies, organizations managers

Fire safety training courses are organized & the purpose of which of it is to introduce the fire safety legislation, the fire prevention safety organization, the institution, organization of the organization, fire equipment, firefighting organization, the rights of the head of the objects and duties in the field of fire safety, liability for violations of fire safety requirements. Fire safety training is provided for at least 8 hours. After completing the program, a final examination of knowledge assessment is organized.

Fires statistics in the country. The main causes of the fire (1 hour). Fire safety legislation (1 hour). Procedure for the organization of fire safety in the enterprise, institution, organization (2 hours). Fire-fighting equipment (2 hours). Firefighting organization. Workers' actions in the event of a fire (1 hour). The rights and duties of facility managers in the field of fire safety. Liability for violations of fire safety legislation (1 hour). Training with initial fire extinguishing agents This fire safety training program is designed to teach individuals or employees of enterprises, establishments, organisations to use primary fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, etc.). The core part of the program is devoted to practical training sessions. Duration 4 hours. Persons who have completed the training under this program and successfully passed the final exam will be issued a certificate of completion of the training program. 


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