The qualified specialists of the UAB "COS.LT" will help you to solve problems investigating an accident at work, they will complete all required documents and forms:

  • Investigating an accident at work, it is necessary to:
  • Establish whether the scene (location) of the accident is not changed;
  • Inspect visually the scene of the accident at work, to take photographs, to develop and submit to the investigation graphical data;
  • Request for the verbal and written explanations of the witnesses of the accident;
  • Analyse and assess the professional readiness of a victim;
  • Analyse data about the employee’s training, instructing on the issues of occupational safety and health;
  • Establish the condition of working tools during the accident;
  • Ascertain whether the employee was provided with common and personal safety equipment, whether he/she was wearing it;
  • Establish whether medical help was timely provided to the injured;
  • Establish and assess all reasons of the accident.

The certified  copies of the investigation data and  accident acts shall be presented not later than within three days to:

  • The employer of the injured (originals);

State  Labour inspectorate of the Respublic of Lithiania;

  • The Prosecutor’s Office;
  • The injured employee or his/her family;
  • The insurance institution;
  • All concerned enterprises.

UAB COS.LT will help you investigation of occupational accidents

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