UAB "COS LT" applies the principles of environmental integrity, economic well-being and social equality in its policy and practice. Investments  in the project are offset by the smooth running of the work.

Environmental specialists consult and prepare environmental documentation:

  • Preparation of applications for pollution prevention and control (IPPC) or emission permit or amendment;
  • Preparation of technical regulations for waste disposal or disposal;
  • Preparation of waste disposal or disposal plans;
  • Preparation of emergency plans;
  • Preparation of environmental projects for technical projects;
  • Preparation of applications for registration in the State Register of Waste Handlers (ATVs);
  • Preparation of applications for the management of hazardous waste for the issue of a license or amendment of its annex;
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the planned economic activity (selection, programs, reports);

Qualified specialists from UAB "COS LT" will assist you in consulting all environmental issues.


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