Documents for work abroad

We can help you save time and energy by ensuring that the documents you need are legalized in accordance with the law, before entering the country. We will introduce the statutory requirements, inform you how to process the documentation, pay taxes, when and how to report on the activities being performed.


Registration for Health and Safety Test and CSCS Card.

When working in the field of construction, you must familiarize yourself with the requirements for work safety and have proof of this. We will prepare and register you for the Health and Safety Tests, which you can take in Lithuanian, Russian or English. We will help you save time and your resources so when you arrive in the country you have the required statutory documents and you can start working straight away.

Registration for NI Number

Any person wishing to work or receive a state benefit in the United Kingdom must have a National Insurance number. It is given to a person when they’re 16 and this lasts a lifetime. We will sign you up, provide all the necessary information so that you can get prepared for the allocated interview.

If you had a Social Security Number (NI), but you lost it and you want to find out again, or you want to change the surname (from maiden to married or vice versa) - we will fill in the required documents for you, so you save time.

Freelance Worker Registration (Self-employed) If you want to start your own business, it must be registered with the Tax Inspectorate (HMRC). During registration, you will be assigned a UTR number (Unique Tax Reference). This number is required when working as a sub-contractor in the field of construction, in house cleaning works, in the provision of private beauty services, computer maintenance services, etc.

We will help you register your activities at the Tax Inspectorate, introduce the requirements of the law, inform you how to manage the documentation, pay taxes, when and how to report on the activities carried out.

National vocational qualification NVQ

There are no official instructions on how long a person should obtain a national vocational qualification. It is a flexible, self-contained learning program tailored to the needs of different people. However, as a rule, many younger or older students acquire the NVQ1 and NVQ2 levels in one year, and within a couple of years they reach NVQ3 levels, which increases employee competitiveness.

Health Insurance Services.

With the Health Insurance Card, you and your family will be able to travel freely in every European Union country, including Lithuania, and receive the necessary medical assistance free of charge in the event of an accident or illness during a trip. So do not risk your own and your relatives' health.


To start up a business and establish a brand, you must register its activities in accordance with the procedure established by law. We will help you to not waste time handling the records and take care of the registration and all the necessary reports that must be submitted to the Companies House and the Tax Inspectorate (HMRC) about the company's activities.




Documents to receive benefits

  1. Child allowance
  2. Child tax allowance
  3. Maternity allowance
  4. Support allowance
  5. Pension credit
  6. Disability allowance
  7. Housing allowance

Document for work abroad and services we carry out

  1. Establishment of a company abroad
  2. UTR, NL tax registration
  3. NVQ and CSCS registration for document scanning and remote test retrieval
  4. Other courses
  5. Accident and occupational illness examination


The Danish Labour Market Fund for Posted Workers

RUT registration.



VERA SKATT registracion.



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